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Fresh air for your neighbours

The Aerox-Injector

  • Highly effective odour control
  • Injection allows large volumes of process air
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No requirement for water, gas, chemicals. No waste.
  • Best Available Technology

Industrial odour control

The Aerox­-Injector destroys the odours that are produced in industrial processes. We help our clients to minimize their emission in order to comply with industry legislation and laws, but most important: we ensure fresh air for your neighbours.

Environmentally friendly

Just one compact Aerox-Injector is sufficient to reduce smells by up to 90% depending on industry and application. Our technology is the most environmentally friendly technology available on the market, using solely electricity. Clearly it is with good reason that governments have recognized the Aerox-Injector as Best Available Technology (BAT).

We happily shared our expertise participating in the development of the VDI standard for process and waste gas cleaning by non-thermal plasma technology.